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About Us

Our mission is to offer Christ-centered, confidential, compassionate care and support before, during, and after pregnancy decisions.

Door of Hope Pregnancy Care Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, faith-based organization dedicated to serving those who are in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Since 1995, our trained volunteers have provided loving, non-judgmental support to those they serve. Our staff and volunteers are ready to listen and answer your questions. All services are confidential and free of charge. Making an appointment helps us to ensure there will be someone available to serve you.


Our Story

January of 1992, Gwen Kik, our founder became aware of the changing face of the pro-life movement. She had heard about Alpha Alternative Pregnancy Center in Hopkinsville and discovered they were a safe haven for women in crisis pregnancies. As a native of Madisonville/Hopkins County, she knew we needed such a place, and it was her dream to begin it. She began her Pregnancy Center involvement at Alpha, as Executive Director, and learned much about fetal development, abortion procedures, and the emotional aftermath of Abortion.  


During her own pregnancy, Gwen began having premature labor. Testing revealed an abnormality with her baby. Doctors at Vanderbilt confirmed that the baby girl they had hoped for had Trisomy 18, a fatal disorder, incompatible with life. The Kik's response was to pray for a miracle.  


On October 11, 1994, Hope Broadbent Kik, a tiny 3 lb 11 oz little girl was born into the world. She was alive and as beautiful as any child could be. Gwen & Brett held her and prayed that somehow God would use her little life for good. They believe that was the moment she was received into the arms of the Father.  


Gwen did not know at the time the tremendous good God would bring from her little girl's life. In September of 1995, Door of Hope Pregnancy Care Center opened its doors in Madisonville due to financial gifts of expressed sympathy. The scriptural motto of the center was taken from Hosea 2:15, "I will make her valley of trouble a door of hope…"  


And truly this has happened.  


Since 1995, the Door of Hope has lived up to its name in our community, offering a doorway into hope for those in crisis and unplanned pregnancy and the abortion vulnerable and minded women and men.  


In 2012, the center became a medical pregnancy center, and began offering pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds to confirm the viability of the pregnancy, with a nurse manager on-site to perform these services.  


Door of Hope has saved and enriched countless lives since 1995. This is made possible because of the generosity of the community and individual donors.


One imperfect little life helped to change the world, our little corner of it; affirming each time that all life is sacred and worthy of protecting.

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